I am a contemporary Japanese artist born and raised in fringe of Tokyo, Japan, where it is still considered as urban but also surrounded by small nature, fields and gardens, shrines and temples. My introduction to academic fine-art practice was in 2010 in Tokyo. From the initial stage, I was extremely fascinated and intrigued by the traditional mediums, the artworks, and the artists. It became one of my goals to create something that is new in aesthetics, in concepts, or in perspectives, by employing not only new but also the traditional mediums, methods, or stationeries used in people’s everyday life but rarely seen in fine art. Based in NYC, I work on different mediums. Whether if it was a drawing, or a painting, or an installation work, my work is always related to nature and human mind. I want to create art that is like a specimen of a unique creature.


My work is created primary for aesthetic value and its own apparent meaningfulness on its own terms. I have always set out to create something purely visually beautiful and It has to serve no practical function.The unique independent reason for existence of fine art is of significance to me, and has inspired me to create something purely visually moving. My work is sensual, affecting the mind, emotions, dreams, and the individual. Beauty is like war in that it has a strong impact on our mind, only it is not destructive.


My art comes from a place of pluralism, or something close to the idea of being “between and both.” I see many problems in the world, and I think it is maybe because we are still living based on the premises of dualism and monism. I have a fear of the simplification that is offered with the convenience of living a modern life. I have a fear in the ignorance of the technology, that which makes life so easy but which I neither made nor know the fundamental structures of. Reflecting the aspect of the world, I started to utilize optical illusions or clichés in my creation, to make work that gives totally different impressions of something that at first appears simple. Complication is what matters, and imagination is the beauty of being born human, and freedom of the mind is a unique human trait, and they should not be taken for granted.

My work will let the audiences experience the state of mind of complication, vagueness, and different perspectives, instead of discussing about each problems I see and or experience, and that is my goal.


There are many pressures and restrictions in our society, and it is difficult to confront the truth and meaning from the inside. What happens in society makes me believe that outside of the laws that are inflexible and man-made, free of the pressures of societies or governments, or any kind of restrictions or rules, is where I and we need to be, using instead own judgment and sense of justice to think and act. Many of the figures in my work are closing their eyes or staring us and the world; whether they are dreaming or awake, they are facing the truth and themselves free of any great power that is unavoidably presented in front of their eyes.


-Natsumi Goldfish, 2015