My work is about invisible qualities of us, human beings. I am interested in discovering what defines human apart from rest of the world from inside and from outside. My blue drawing is about our inner quality. In my paintings I try to depict human conscious and unconscious  behaviors, and in my abstract drawings are the endresult of me trying to depict our mind by using myself as a sample.


While I draw, I try to use my mind fully, and think and let my mind wonder between many different thoughts of topics from current political affairx to conversationx with my friends, to wild flowers growing side walks of my studio, everything connected like my drawing, I try to visualize human thoughts and mind without figurative images. What reminds is just blue ink and a drawing on a surface that is probably universal vision of human mind than any other existing language.

I start with one fine delicate line on a surface

from there another line is drawn connected to the first line

and it will be repeated, while my mind wonders and travels between many different thoughts.

The drawing gradually expands from the starting point. It is slow process because every line is connected to another line. Things are organic and geometric at the same time so as my drawing. Each line is a thought and an emotion, and or a feeling, and the drawing as a whole is an imagery of human mind. 


Like infinity cell division of living things

Like layered thoughts and emotions of one's mind

Like the stars and planets in space

We are constantly changing and things are always moving

Nothing emerges, nor comes out of the blue as far as I know.

Things exist, existed, and will exist, and they are connected to each other, like my drawing in front of you.

I am still in the process of examining the connections between everything, from one   human's point of view, using my art and my life.

We are all individual, we are all part of everything, and each of us is a medium at the same time.