This page introduces you to the performance pieces Natsumi Goldfish did in the past. Natsumi is interested in creating experimental work using her body as a sample of reactions and changes that one figure can create to the surrounding environment including herself and the audience. These experiments are refrected in her paintings and other form of art.

Mimicking Mannequins (Shinjuku Gucci, 2010)

This is one of my early sights of a specific performance piece recorded in public. We stood in front of the Gucci Shinjuku Store in 2010. (the store moved its location a few years after probably in 2016(17) they closed this location ) I and my partner stood still in front of the store show window for minutes mimicking the mannequins inside many luxury boutique windows in urban cities. The original video is not in public view at this moment but if possible we will share soon. 

Shinjuku Gucci Mannequins 2010

Final Speech from The Great Dictator

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