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Love is the essence of life

Life is the essence of my art

My work reflects my everyday life,

not like a mirror does,

but like the surface of a ripping pond.


My everlasting dream is to make work that is sensual and psychic, affecting individuals and their mind, emotions, believes, and dreams. Art is like war in that it has a strong impact on the mind, only it is not destructive.


I grew up in the fringe of Tokyo surrounded by Japanese people, Japanese culture, language, ideas, traditions, ways of thinking, pop-culture, Shinto and Buddhism, other religions and believes, and the nature. While Japan has been built with influences of other countries, I grew up without any direct contact with non-Japanese people and foreign cultures until my high school, as long as I remember. My word was completed within Japan as if it was the whole world. In Tokyo, I was feeling that other prefectures were almost like other countries, when there was much bigger world out there. In a country occupied by one race, I grew up seeing differences in details of individuals, rather than seeing visually bold differences between races, ethnicities, or groups of people. There were always similarities and differences between things in different categories, and also within things considered as one category, it seemed to me. The environment has raised me to believe in and accept the existences of opposites for anything. It was only natural for me to believe in pluralism or something close to the idea of being between and both. I believe everything is connected, from past to now to the future, from good and bad, from Japan to China to their farthest country, and from politics to pop-culture to art.  It is one of my goals as a contemporary artist to examine and prove this point from an individual’ point of view.

In Japan, I have seen and experienced many problems and frustrations unique to the country, but some of them I believe are universal, so much as priceless traditions, cultures, nature, and people. I think those problems in the world exist maybe because we are still living based on the premises of dualism and monism. The small isolated island nation has been strangely different from the rest of the world, both good and bad, and that is origin of my inspiration and my urge to create something eccentric and unconventional yet purely visually beautiful and meaningful to our mind.

My creation is based on my interests in human behavior: gestures, actions, and habits that derive from conscious and unconscious states of mind. I am interested in human as a unique creature that lives and dies for its mind, imagination, and creations. Human behaves somewhat similar yet different from other creatures. There are things only people do, and problems only people have. There are things only other animals do, and ways only other creatures know, that sometimes I feel that perhaps we can learn from. Our innate traits are formless and invisible, and some of them seem to be fading away from our gene. What is human being; in order to unravel the long-sought mystery, I try to make work using myself as one certain starting point of human being, as a sample of a raw media that absorbs and consumes personal memories, ideas, experiences, and knowledges and information from media and people directly and indirectly related to me. By observing and depicting human nature at a distance, my goal is to deliver perspectives of things that are relatively unknown, unrealized, hidden, prohibited, or forgotten, but are nevertheless present within everyday life.


-Natsumi Goldfish, 04.17.2019

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