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Blue Infinity

Blue Infinity is my abstract drawings. When we say"Something is blue" in Japanese, it means Unripe or Immature. In abstract forms, I try to visualize human emotions, and draw the human mind. I see our mind is our unstable imperfect part, but also that makes us human. I try to visualize this invisible quality of us, humans. Blue is such an abstract concept. It is the name of one of three primary colors, but it has many more meanings and depth and grades as a color. Blue also has hues, shades, and tint, and corresponding names. The word human is abstract to and in the abstraction, everyone is human being no more or less, as long as we do not neglect the human traits. My abstract work is simple. My drawing is made with simple lines and shapes of circles, squares, and triangles. It is detailed, yet each line and layer is not complicated. We hold many emotions at a time, some of them stand out, some of them stay quiet, in our heart, but the important fact is that our mind is never occupied with one emotion. Our mind is always occupied with many different thoughts, and we have capacity to accept different or opposite ideas and thoughts, as they are always already within us. Blue Infinity is my study of this, yet to be fully unexamined part of human quality, and I use my own body and mind as a raw sample. I believe my work not only leads me to understand about humans, but also will awaken the "blueness" or awareness to it of each individual who encounters my work. Blue Infinity is about our human traits and human nature, as long as we are human, we stay blue and unripe. My abstract work might be uncomfortable to some people..., because there is no complete answer or one simple message given to its audience. It is made as it is growing like plants or cells to form a creature, or maybe the cells growing in our inner body. My abstract work is a rare source today of being in an uncomfortable situation, which we always avoid and which the society has got rid of with various drugs and technology, and we do not have much opportunity to experience it in the society anymore. Nothing emerges, nor comes out of the blue as far as I know. Things exist, existed, and will exist, and they are connected to each other, like my drawing in front of you. We are all individual, we are all part of everything, and each of us is a medium at the same time.

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