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I paint half-human beings that are half human and half other creatures or nature, half realistic and half distorted in abstraction, and two half humans that are merging into one, or half of human quality that is more natural inborn side in our gene. This is my second body of work to rediscover human-ness of human being, to observe human as one of the species and creatures that exists with roles on this planet. What individual humans naturally have in our gene, such as abilities, senses, feelings, and emotions. I feel urge to make them visible as an artist, especially the minor and subtle ones.

We live in artificial city and in manmade architectures, we wear artificial clothing, we eat artificial food, live artificial life, but we still have natural instincts and behaviors and gestures that are non artificial. Ironically and illogically while we live in manmade society, we try to be natural and feel the nature in such artificial environment that we created, it comes from our admiration to the nature. Humans are heavily dependent on the artificial materials and information that exists only in artificial civilization or society. When we look at a random photography of someone, we determine a place and time of the photo from hints such as clothing, hair styles, trends, and technology and all other manmade. To rediscover basic human-ness of human being, I attempt to paint human in natural environment with less manmade objects.

Humans do not know the fundamental structure of technology they are utilizing. We are raised and educated in society that is surrounded by technology. We are expected to handle and utilize the technology in order to make the society function in order. We learn how to use a smart phone, but most of us cannot make a smart phone from scratch. We know how to turn on a light, but most of us do not know how to make a lighting system. Many of us depend on medications when we are sick, but most of us do not know how to make the prescribed white pills, nor the actual ingredients of the pill. I feel something is off, and something is wrong.

People do not know how to utilize nature. People do not know how to survive without money, and we are heavily dependent on social system and cycle. Most of us have never tried to make fire from scratch. We might know how to grow plants, but most of us do not know how to harvest the seeds from the plants. Moreover, I believe most of us still even do not know that the vegetables in market today do not have ability to produce new seeds. It is not just about the plants, I feel human is trying to modify the gene of itself, and individuals do not have power to say something about. In every generation there is more lack of adults who are capable to teach their children such things. Human as a whole has been advancing the technology and created society that continues to develop to safer and more convenient to humans. Human society is evolving, but at an individual level, human beings are retrogressing.

I grew up in a country that has culture of avoiding wasting something. I was told to try my best not to waste anything, ideally, from materials to people's caring and loving heart that are there, given, or gifted. I see so much waste in our individual abilities in our society, and that is my concern and motivation to a mission to reexamine basic human-ness of human beings and make them visually available in my work.

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