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“The Blue Fruits”

I identify my abstract work as blue fruits. Blue means Unripe or Immature or in another word, growing, in Japanese. In abstract forms, I try to visualize human emotions and mind. Our mind is our unstable imperfect part, but also that gives sensitivity and emotive capability that make us human. I try to visualize this invisible quality of us in abstract forms and this is an ongoing project of mine with my life. Blue is a name of a color, which is one of three primary colors of pigments, but it has so much more meanings. Blue has different hues, shades, and tint, and corresponding names. Color also often gave us idea of social class, states, quality and value.

My abstract work is simple. They are made with simple lines and shapes like circles, squares, and triangles, and layers of colors. It is detailed and intagrated as a whole, but each line and layer is not complicated. The word human is abstract, but in the abstraction everyone is human being no more or less, as long as we do not neglect the human traits. We hold many emotions at a time, some of them stands out, but our mind is never occupied with a single emotion. It is always occupied with many different thoughts, and we have capacity to accept different or opposite ideas and emotions for one subject that they are already within us. 

I believe the outcome of this: the reminded work not only helps me to understand about human, but also will awaken blueness of individuals who encounter my work. Blue Fruits is about human traits and human nature, they are symbol of human, we stay blue and unripe. There is no complete answer or one simple message or reason given to each of the work. It is not made with intention to make it uneven or even, symmetry or asymmetry, and or abstract or not. It is made as if trying to listen and follow the genetic order, like the growing plants or like cell divisions that forms a creature. 

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