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Natsumi K. Goldfish is a Brooklyn based Japanese artist born and raised in the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan. Her early environment in Japan was a mix of the urban and the suburban; where the natural world mixed with the city- this made a lasting impression on her creative output. The dialogue of natural and urban worlds continues to be the central theme of her art. In the merging boundaryless environment and odd boundaries between people, she grew up believing in pluralism, or something close to the idea of "being between and both", and "everything is connected to everything else" and it became one of ideas for her to explore. Natsumi’s creations are a pathway to her pushing the boundaries between humanity and nature. In her work, she often incorporates everyday-life or artificial objects and spaces such as bathtubs, fish tanks, specimens, and windows as symbols of human presence. Natsumi moved to the US in 2011 after the Tōhoku earthquake and she received her BA in Art degree at Tyler School of Art, Temple University (2013). Natsumi had solo exhibitions in Tokyo and New York City, and her work has been included in multiple group exhibitions.

Some of the featured publications include Hyperallergic, OXFORD Magazine, VoyageLA Magazine, CanvasRevel Magazine, Studio Visit Magazine, and Whitehot Magazine.

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