Natsumi Goldfish is a contemporary Japanese artist based in New York City. She grew up in the fringe of Tokyo, a place of between of all, where nature and urban culture and many other elements coexisted at that time. The environment has inspired and educated her to believe in pluralism, or something close to the idea of being between and both, and which is today one of fundamental routes of her creation.  Natusmi Goldfish received her BA in Art from Tyler School of Art, Temple University in 2013. Soon after, she relocated herself to New York City where she lives and works today. Her creation is based on her interest in conscious and unconscious human behaviors seen in the history, in people who relate to her in various ways, as well as in herself in her everyday life.


2013   Tyler School of Art, Temple University



​2019   WAGMAG Benefit 2019,Grace Exhibition Space, New York, NY

2018   Solo Exhibition: Half Human, AG Gallery, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY

             Solo Exhibition: Window Mereology, Yashar Gallery, Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY

             Opening of the Third Eye, Living Gallery Outpost, by Stephen Romano Gallery, NYC, NY

2017    Solo Exhibition: Don’t Take Me to the Moon, Chateau 2F Gallery, Koganei, Tokyo

             Mediation | 15 Yesrs of Art From Temple University Japan Campus, UltraSuperNew Gallery, Tokyo

2016    SMART DUST, SLA307, New York, NY

             96.8 Miles, Emerge Gallery, Saugerties, NY


2014    ASYMMETRY, The International Art Guild of New York, NY

              WAGMAG, BROOKLYN ART GUIDE BENEFIT AUCTION 2014, Kunsthalle Galapagos, NY

             Freedom Of Fantasy, New York Realism Fine Art Gallery, NY


2013     Summer Small Works Exhibition, Greenpoint Gallery, NY

             The Small Worlds, Plastic Club, Philadelphia, PA

             Tiberino Museum Group Exhibition, Tiberino Museum, PA


2012     Annual Student Exhibition, Faculty selected works, Tyler Gallery & Art Lounge, PA

             Group Art Show & Big Critic, First Friday Art Exhibition, F&N Gallery, PA


2011     Art Seminar Group Exhibition, Stella Elkins Gallery, Tyler School of Art, PA

             Solo Exhibition: “Tea Ceremony”, Restaurant The Ugly American, PA

             Art Photography Group Exhibition, Harajuku Design Festival, Tokyo

             Tokyo Book Art Week Exhibition: 15 Galleries exhibition, Azabu Art Space TUJ,

             Tokyo Ruby Room Tokyo Music Event, A Special Guest Artist, Tokyo



2017     Alex Inc. (START UP), Pilot Painting, ABC Television Series Starring Zach Braff

             Mishima Yukio Film, Tokyo Footage, Director: Emil Menon Shot by Pawel Wojtasik

2016    Jarek Szczyglak "THE FOLK" Music Album Art Cover "The Dream Bird"



2014     The Silver Medal Award, The International Juried fine Arts Exhibition

             "Freedom of Creativity" Exhibition, New York Realism Fine Art Gallery, NY

2010     New Artist of The Year Awards, Temple University Japan


  • Hyperallergic (6/13/19): " Natsumi Goldfish, with her series “Half-Humans,” envisions a series that combines the upper bodies of elfin, female-presenting subjects with the lower bodies of wild animals — vaguely reminiscent of Disney’s Fantasia’s segment on centaurs."

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